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18 March 2021, Building Data Literacy with the Teaching Profession at Global Scale.

23 April 2021, Technology to improve learning. A public engagement project. International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era (IAALDE)

6 May 2021, Invited keynote “Open education, digitalisation and new learning needs” European University Association Workshop Artificial Intelligence and changing labour markets – What pathways for universities?

6 May 2021,  Invited presentation Media & Learning Association Spring Conference: “How did higher education lecturers cope with the pandemic?”

Learning@Scale 2021, June 22 – 25, Potsdam, Germany

PhD Defense Eyal Rabin, 10 September 2021, 13.30, Open Universiteit Nederland

16th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL 2021), September 21 – 24, Bolsano, Italy

EDEN webinar “The Future of the Traditional Exam”, Invited panel member, 11 October 2021

HSE Lecture Series on Critical Media Literacy: Technological (Content) Knowledge and Critical Media Literacy. Examples and Theoretical Implications. 2.11.2021, 18 – 19.

Twente Open Science Kitchen, Invited presentation “Open Education in transition. Social movement or evidence-based research domain?“, 25.11.2021, 13 – 14. CANCELLED!

PhD defense Martine Schophuizen, 18 February 2022, Open University of the Netherlands

Latest publications

Fomynikh, M., Weidlich, J., Kalz, M. & Hybertsen, I. D. (2022). What do they TEL(L)? A systematic analysis of master programs in technology-enhanced learning. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education.

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Weidlich, J. & Kalz, M. (2021). Exploring Predictors of Instructional Resilience during Emergency Remote Teaching in Higher Education. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. 18 (43). 1 – 26. doi:

Kalz, M., Weidlich, J, & Rehm, M. (2021). #twitterlehrerzimmer: Transformation of a teachers’ professional development network in light of the Covid19 pandemic. Networks Conference 2021.

Kasch, J., Van Rosmalen, P., Henderikx, M., & Kalz, M. (2021). The factor structure of the peer-feedback orientation scale (PFOS): toward a measure for assessing students’ peer-feedback dispositionsAssessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 1-14.

Tabuenca, B., Börner, D., & Kalz, M. (2021). Effects of an ambient learning display on noise levels and perceived learning in a secondary schoolIEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 14(1), 69-80.

Kasch, J., Van Rosmalen, P. & Kalz, M. (2021).  Educational scalability in MOOCs: Analysing instructional designs to find best practices. Computers & Education, 161, 104054.

Kasch, J., van Rosmalen, P., Löhr, A., Klemke, R., Antonaci, A., & Kalz, M. (2021). Students’ perceptions of the peer-feedback experience in MOOCsDistance Education, 42(1), 145-163.

Latest media appearances

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung-Podcast “Ein Kreuz – zwei Stimmen” (11.2.2021)

Folge 6. Wie geht’s weiter an den Schulen? Mit Bildungsforscher Marco Kalz (Ab 17:12).

SWR-Feature (12.06.2020)

Wenn Corona das Studium umkrempelt feature on E-Learning (21.04.2020)

Online Lernen in Deutschland / Online-Learning in Germany / Alemania: aprendizaje en línea

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung vom 29.03.2020

Riesige Hausaufgabe: Heidelberger Lehrkräfte experimentieren mit digitalem Unterricht

Dutch VSNU Initiative Digital Society

Interview zum Digitalpakt im SWR2 vom 3. Juni 2019