Current PhD students

Maartje Henderikx: Motivation and intention as key to drop-out in MOOCs

Julia Kasch: Scaling of support, feedback and interaction in open online education

Martine Schophuizen: Open and online education as means for organisational development and educational innovation of Dutch higher education institutions

Liqin Zhang: Automated feedback on argumentative essays

Eyal Rabin: Contrasting learner characteristics, learning processes and study outcomes in Massive Open Online Courses

Maria Joao: Enhancing value creation at academic conferences for professional development

Analourdes Herrera: Teachers’s perspectives of robots in the classroom

Naomi Wahls: Intercultural learning in massive online environments


Completed Phd projects

Bernardo Tabuenca (2015): Ubiquitous Technology for Lifelong Learning.

Dirk Börner (2013): Ambient Learning Displays – Distributed Mixed Reality Mashups to Support Ubiquitous Learning.


Thesis supervision

I regularly supervise master-students in the master-program educational sciences of the Open University of the Netherlands.


Educational Innovation Activities

Lead design, technology and evaluation for the MOOC on “Marine Litter”.

Technical lead for the development of the new “masterclass format” of the Open University of the Netherlands

Course Development “Digitale media en leren (O28431)” for the Master Program Educational Science at the Open University of the Netherlands

2008/2009 Course revision of the course “E-learning: wat, waarom en hoe?” for the Master Program Educational Science at the Open University of the Netherlands

Development of study material “Kompetenzentwicklung in der Wissensgesellschaft mit Social Software ” for the Bachelor study program Educational Science at Fernuniversität in Hagen (in cooperation with  Marcus Specht & Ralf Klamma)

Development of study material “Introduction to Knowledge Management” for the Master program Educational Media at University Duisburg-Essen (2003)