How best can we conduct wiki research? Which models are suited as a framework for researching the wiki as technology and its specific use in groups and communities? Doing research about wikis in general and especially Wikipedia researchers come to question how they can analyze “wikified artifacts” and the complexity in the interplay between technology and human action. Wikis are a “sandbox” and “open field” to study technology-mediated and technology-evoked social processes and social structures. Wikis and especially Wikipedia can be considered as an “online self-organizing social system” (Wiley & Edwards 2002). Members take an active part in structuration. Structuration is the process of self-organizing of rules and resources that will be institutionalized over time. This paper deals with structuration theories as a framework for wiki-research. Starting from Structuration Theory by Anthony Giddens, different technology oriented approaches for studying the interplay of social interaction and technology are summarized and connected to Wikipedia. An outlook and research perspective are provided


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